Root & Tree Removal in The South Lakes

The LSO Contracting team are specialists in tree removal in The South Lakes, Lancashire and Cumbria. If you have a tree that has come down in a storm, or if you need tree removal for groundworks or to carry out a building project, our experts can help.

Troublesome trees and their roots can be a huge problem if not dealt with correctly. Storms and high winds can uproot trees, these fallen trees need moving quickly and efficiently to prevent major disruption and damage. As well as this, the roots of trees also come with their own set of issues, some causing damage to properties and other structures once the roots grow beneath them.

Our team of time served tree surgeons and arboriculturalists are on hand to help no matter what size of tree is causing your problem.

The team of experts at LSO Contacting have many years experience in dealing with problematic trees.We offer a full range of tree removal services.

You can be sure that when using LSO Contracting for your tree removal in The South Lakes, Lancashire and Cumbria, our service is second to none. We will come to you and assess the issues you are facing with your trees. We will carry out a survey and then work out the best way to remove safely and efficiently.

All tree waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Where possible, stumps and branches will be turned into wood chippings. As well as tree removal, we are also able to offer full hedge row removal services, stump grinding and tree root removal. Contact us today to find out more.

Tree & Hedge Services

Fallen Trees Removed

Stump Grinding & Wood Chipping

Overgrowth Clearance

Tree Root Removals

Hedge Rows Removed

Green Waste Disposal

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